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Product ID: E-9367
2016-2017 SEASONAL BALANCING SOLUTION Water in Brandy or Vinegar
2016-2017 SEASONAL BALANCING SOLUTION  Water in Brandy or Vinegar
Take the Solution twice daily.

Seasonal microbial activity is ramping up across the Northern Hemisphere. 

If you haven't already started taking the Seasonal Balancing Solution twice daily, don't wait any longer.

Take Seasonal Balancing twice daily throughout the year. It may be effectively used by anyone living anywhere around the globe. Even if there isn't much going on in your area this week, it helps to give your body time to build up by starting to take the Solution before there are issues swirling around you. 

For recent Influenca status see Flu News Europe
(August 23, 2016)
New! Updated Dosage Instructions

In light of recent news reports, we are now recommending that everyone take the current Seasonal Balancing Solution twice daily.

This is a big change from the guidelines of previous years. If you have already started taking the Seasonal Balancing Solution once a day in the evening, start taking a second dose in the morning now. This year, don't wait until there are issues where you live, work or travel.

(August 4, 2016)
Important Information About This Year's
Seasonal Balancing Solution

from Machaelle Wright

Starting tomorrow, August 5th, and running through Sunday, August 21st, all eyes will be on the Rio Olympics. Unfortunately hundreds of thousands of people (athletes, trainers, support teams, family members, friends and Olympic-loving tourists) will be doing more than watching from afar. Currently Brazil presents a whole host of assorted health threats and these people will be there in the midst of it. You know there are problems when athletes are refusing to attend these Olympics and are being warned by doctors to keep their mouths closed while competing in feces infested water. Testing has shown that this water includes a high level of super bugs — bacteria that can not be treated with any currently existing antibiotics.

Now picture all these people who have been exposed to pathogens in one way or another leaving Brazil on August 21st and 22nd en masse and spreading out around the world as they return to their homes. You don't need to be infected to spread pathogens. Microbes are brilliant when it comes to moving around. They can travel on clothes, shoes, skin, hair, in and on suitcases, tickets, passports, money, souvenirs and equipment. And they can travel in and on planes, trains, buses and cars. You don't need to be living next door to an Olympic athlete or Rio traveller to experience exposure. Keep reminding yourself that microbes really know how to travel around. No one knows what's going to happen when everyone leaves Rio all at once but I get the feeling everyone (including the CDC and WHO) is holding their breath and hoping the world escapes a major disaster.

When considering what we at Perelandra can do to address this potential disaster, I realized that everything that could come out of Rio at this time falls under the category of "seasonal." So this year, our annual Seasonal Balancing Solution pattern that addresses the regular collection of seasonal discomforts we deal with has also taken Rio into consideration. And our staff is taking Rio into consideration. We are not waiting until September 1st to begin shipping the new 2016-17 Seasonal Balancing Solution. Instead, we are producing the tincture, bottling and preparing for shipping right now so that we can get your order to you as soon as possible.

We are still offering the regular, annual August preorder sale, but in light of these Rio changes we will be shipping the bottles to you as quickly as possible starting next week. I recommend that as soon as you receive your order you begin taking the Seasonal Solution one time daily. This way when the mass exodus occurs on August 21st, you will have already begun to build strength against possible exposure.

 The new Solution will address seasonal issues from August of this year through August of 2017. 

Seasonal microbial activity often flares up in the fall and winter, but these days there are pockets of high activity popping up year-round. It helps to give your body time to build up by starting to take the Solution before there are issues in your area. We recommend you start taking the Seasonal Solution as soon as you receive your order, and continue to take it throughout the year.

Here are a few "seasonal issues" you may find familiar:

• The media is scaring the crap out of you with stories of seasonal gloom and doom

• People around you keep saying "gesundheit"

• Co-workers back away because you should have stayed home

• The school nurse sends your kids home, or the school closes down in fall/winter for lack of teachers and students

• You avoid gatherings during the holidays and refuse to hold your sister's adorable, but snot-covered infant child

• You want to hold your breath on the subway or in a grocery store

• You think twice about a handshake or a hug

• You sleep on the sofa after your partner decides not to take the Seasonal Balancing Solution

• You keep an economy-size container of hand wipes in the car

• You have concerns about what comes out of Rio

• You live in or travel into areas where problems are being reported

2-oz. bottle 2016-2017 SEASONAL BALANCING SOLUTION: Price: £20.- 
A 2-oz. dropper bottle will last one person about 2 – 4 months

8-oz. bottle 2016-2017 SEASONAL SOLUTION:  Price: £65.-
An 8-oz. dropper bottle will last one person about  8 – 12 months 

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PIC Reminder:  How to make the switch to the new Seasonal Solution. 
Until the new Seasonal Balancing Solution arrives, continue taking the current Seasonal Solution as part of your PIC List unit, and include the current Solution in any PIC List tests and retests between now and when you receive the new Solution. When the new Seasonal Solution arrives, retest any of your active PIC List units that include the old Seasonal Solution. Don't wait for the next scheduled retest to make the switch. Learn More

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This Solution has been created by Machaelle Wright and nature from a combination of electrical infusions from different plants, minerals, natural gases and elements found in the atmosphere, sea and on land. It contains water, a specific electrical pattern and a preservative (brandy or distilled white vinegar). It is a safe and natural oral solution that may be taken by adults, pregnant women and children.


Due to EU regulations we are limited to what we are allowed to say about this product. So click on the friendly librarian to find out what this breaktrough solution can do for you and how it could help you address issues: PIC – The Perelandra Information Center. When using this product in PIC, follow PIC instructions only.  

  • Brandy preservative version: Alc.23.6% Vol.  
    Ingredients: Brandy (60%), Water (40%) + electrical patterns.

  • Vinegar preservative version:
    Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar (56%), water (44%) + electrical patterns

Manufactured and distributed by: Perelandra Ltd, Virginia, USA.
Imported and supplied by: Panosun Ltd, Forres, UK.

† † †

In Stock! 

 © Copyright Perelandra.
With kind permission from Perelandra, Centre for Nature Research.

weight: 50g / 160g / 450g 

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