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Home » The PANGARDEN™ Game » Extras & Materials » PANGARDEN MapMats and Sprinkles

Product ID: PGS-Sprikles
Sprinkles Set of the PANGARDEN Game or for SYS-MATS
Sprinkles Set of the PANGARDEN Game or for SYS-MATS

These sprinkles in the heart-shaped box are used to express special qualities, gifts, surprises and delights.

Open the heart and look inside. You will find lots of special sparkling gifts there for you to be picked, embraced, positioned and shared.

Could there be any hidden meaning or analogy in this for all of us?

Assorted mixed Sprikles Set in a heart -shaped box of the PANGARDEN Game / for SYS-MATS.
Content does vary (image for illustration purposes only).

Approximate weight of content 10g.

weight: 50g

Price: £10.90

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