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SYS-MATS™ – the Systemic Table-Top Tool for Therapy, Coaching and Play. SYS-MATS™
– the Systemic Table-Top Tool for Therapy, Coaching and Play.








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Looking Back:

This was

Learn to Play in Pan's Garden – 2011
in the Findhorn Foundation – Scotland:

Playing PANGARDEN in our bright orange workshop room in the Findhorn Foundation Cluny College: many lovely people from three different continents came together to dive deeper....


"Antje's energy for the game and her humour was infectious. The quality of the workshop was very good. I really enjoyed the level of awareness it created. I learned a lot about my own needs, how to be present and in my heart and the next phase of my life journey!"

Feedback from Workshop Participant



Sharings where aided by the use of the MapMats – we used the mats to help us express how we are and they helped us stay focused during our sharing times.


One outing was to visit a typical lovely Scottish Castle. This is not the castle but one of the amazing ancient trees the castle has in its Arboretum. Sorry this photo is out of focus, but this massive and incredibly tall tree was such an amazing experience, we had to include it.


At our group project at the beach the wind did a nice job to give most of us new hairstyles... Creating this Group Mandala out of what Nature provided for us at the beach was an interesting and for some a challenging personal experience. But we all ended up very pleased and happy.

The Mandala was celebrated with hot tea at the Captains Table in Findhorn Bay:


That is a layout of one of our group processes – it all made sense to all the participants. Honest!

One day we visited the Clava Cairns. Amazing stuff from a different time and consciousness.
Can you feel the energies of that place? We did! Looks like some shrunk by the incredible power of the stone
circles there....


This rich week was full of adventures, learning, creativity, flexibility, transformation and insight – time passed quickly. After 6 days it was time for the farewell celebration dinner....



This was

Learn to Play in Pan's Garden 2011


Monika Lohmann & Antje Rickowski



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