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SYS-MATS™ – the Systemic Table-Top Tool for Therapy, Coaching and Play. SYS-MATS™
– the Systemic Table-Top Tool for Therapy, Coaching and Play.








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Findhorn - Scotland:
Sat. 14-20 September 2013 (7 days)


Learn to Play in Pan's Garden


Monika Lohmann & Antje Rickowski

in the Findhorn Foundation - Scotland

Sat 14-20 September 2013 (7 days)

Like the sea-tide changes, so our life changes too.
Being able to harmonise with nature in our daily lives and projects is a skill to be learned and refined.

The Pangarden Game is a wonderful new systemic tool that allows us to reveal hidden dynamics and practice trusting our intuition in an often hurly-burly world to create clarity, joy, balance and ultimately more freedom and self-empowerment.

Through making underlying connections conscious during the game, more vitality, a positive zest for life and more desired manifestations can be achieved. Together we will explore the game and its tangible applications.

As Pangarden encompasses the rich tools of co-creative science developed by the centre for nature research Perelandra, we will explore the key principles of nature communication to gain an enriched, clearer and broader understanding on how to work with nature intelligence to answer everyday life questions.
Income related price: £595 / £725 / £945
Includes 7 nights accommodation and all meals.

The Details are on the Findhorn Foundation Website – please book through there.

Any questions please contact us.

Click here for some impressions from the workshop in Findhorn in 2011.



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