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Perelandra Health Watch Bulletin

by Machaelle Wright
Perelandra, Center for Nature Research

† † †

Dear folks,

Up to this point, I have been hesitant about letting you know what we are doing about the H5N1Avian Flu virus. I have been quiet about the annual Flu Season Balancing Solution including strengthening patterns against H5N1 because I haven't wanted to appear that I was taking advantage of this critical and looming Avian-Flu situation. But now, with H5N1 so close to mutating to where it can "hop" from human to human — up to now it can only transmit from animal to human — and with all the current media coverage, I feel I need to let people know more about what we are doing here to address this potential Avian Flu pandemic. At this point, I think the peace of mind some of you might have knowing we're watching and doing something about this developing situation is more important than any complaints we get that I'm taking advantage of the situation for our financial benefit. When asked last night on CNN what we need to do about this potential pandemic, two doctors agreed that what we all need to "be prepared and don't panic." Letting you know about what we are currently doing can help you to be prepared. And I hope that by being prepared if H5N1 "breaks open," you'll be less inclined to panic. By not panicking, you'll be helping your immune system to remain strong, and this alone will help you should the virus start spreading from human to human.

* * *

For the past two years (three years when I count this current season's Solution), nature has included what our bodies need for strengthening against the H5N1 virus along with what is needed for strengthening the body against the rest of the flu viruses that we would normally deal with that season. In this case, the Avian Flu virus that nature has addressed each year is the virus as it has mutated at the time each season's pattern was created. Generally speaking, our annual Flu Season Balancing Solution has kept up with H5N1 as it is mutating, and this is a good thing.

Those who have taken and are taking our regular annual Flu Season Balancing Solution are preparing by already building strength against H5N1 and will be much more prepared if/when this thing busts into a real problem. So I am recommending that anyone not currently taking this season's Flu Season Balancing Solution start now.

Like conventional research science, nature and I can't make an Avian Flu Solution pattern that addresses the actual H5N1 virus that will move from human to human until it actually mutates to that point. There are so many options on how a virus can mutate that anything that is produced before this final mutation would be only partially effective and a guess. For one thing, we humans supply some of the variables that impact the timing and direction of microbial mutation processes, and nature cannot predict which of our human-induced variables will be released and when. However, unlike conventional science and medicine, nature will know as soon as the virus makes this critical leap and we'll be able to quickly create a separate pattern that will address the newly-mutated Avian Flu virus. Once nature gives me the go-ahead for this separate pattern, we can have the Avian Flu Solution produced, bottled and available for shipping within 7-10 days — unlike the pharmaceutical companies who say they will need 6 months from the time the mutated virus is isolated before being able to produce a new vaccine that will address the Avian Flu virus effectively.

So if you wish to do something to be prepared, I offer you this season's Flu Season Balancing Solution. If you feel you need to do more to strengthen against H5N1, I suggest adding the MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory Solutions along with the Flu Season Balancing Solution to your daily regimen. And to help you not panic, know that as soon as we have an Avian Flu Solution available, we'll let you know.

With best and healthy wishes,
Machaelle Wright

IMPORTANT FROM MACHAELLE: When I write a Health Watch that includes a list of Perelandra processes and products that apply to the subject of that Health Watch, I do not mean to imply that you need to purchase everything on the list. I am merely giving you the options to consider. For example, if one situation has two options—such as, several bottles of the MBP Balancing Solutions and the Microbial Balancing Program Phase 1 Testing—I do not mean you must work with both of these options. Let’s say you already have on hand or wish to purchase the MBP Balancing Solutions that I list. Choosing the MBP Solution option, in this case, would be the easiest way for you to address that Health Watch situation. And if you already work with the Microbial Balancing Program or you’ve been waiting for a reason to learn the program, you may also choose to work with the MBP Phase 1 testing that I listed. In this example, the listing of two options means you may choose to work with either or both, according to your personal preference and comfort level. In the Health Watches, I list all options so that each of you can have all the pertinent information for making a decision. I never mean for you to do everything listed—unless you want to do everything listed.

Produced by Perelandra, Ltd. USA.
Copyright Perelandra. With kind permission from Perelandra, Centre for Nature Research



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