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Product ID: E-501
2-oz. ETS Plus Do-It-Yourself Pack Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml
2-oz. ETS Plus Do-It-Yourself Pack  Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml


D-I-Y Pack

This is the most economical way to offer the ETS Plus and also encourages you to have several bottles placed throughout your home, office, etc.

The D-I-Y Pack includes:

  • One filled 2-ounce bottle of ETS Plus (59.1ml)
  • 5 empty 1/2-ounce bottles (14.8ml) and labels.
    Bottle Math Info

ETS = Emergency Trauma Solution

Perelandra ETS Plus is something you'll want to keep with you everywhere you go. It's the perfect emergency trauma solution that fits everyone's needs. An oral solution that is pre-mixed and easy to take, ETS Plus for Humans is a first aid must and works wonders when hit with sudden illness, accidents (large or small), injuries, unexpected trauma, bad news, intense heat exposure, prolonged stress, chemical exposure, side effects of medical treatments like chemotherapy . . . the list goes on.
Find more information about how and when to use it further below.


Did you know that Machaelle included an entire chapter on "Trauma and ETS Plus" in her book, The Perelandra Essences? She did! Even better -- that chapter is available free online:

Even if you've been using ETS Plus for a while you will appreciate the insight and ideas for use that Machaelle discusses in this chapter.

NOTE: To support your loved ones and yourself in time of stress, look at this helpful Stress Kit which also contains ETS Plus for Humans. 

The Perelandra ETS Plus is the perfect emergency trauma solution that fits everyone's needs for any sudden or long-term traumatic situation. It's pre-mixed and easy to take. A family can purchase ETS Plus and use it for everyone in the house. It may be given to friends, enemies, family and neighbors. It is a universal solution that should be in everyone's first aid kit.

Besides convenience and affordability, there is something else that makes this ETS a plus: It has an expanded range of effectiveness. Here are examples of situations for using ETS Plus.

  • Accidents and Attacks (serious and small): cuts, burns (including tongue burns from hot food or beverages), sprains, falls, bites, sports injuries, car accidents and near accidents, heart attacks, strokes, seizures, asthma or allergy attacks, insect stings, equipment/tool accidents, severed limbs/fingers, broken bones, sexual assault...

  • Illness: food poisoning, radiation sickness, reaction from medication, sudden appearance of a rash, reaction from an insect sting, allergies (food and others), sudden nausea/pain/exhaustion, heat stroke or exhaustion, feeling faint/light-headed/dizzy . . .

  • Situations: after hospital visits and/or visits to a sick friend resulting in exposure to disease-causing viruses, fungi and bacteria; exposure to industrial and home chemicals, cleaners, insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides; when exposed to high levels of air or water pollution; right after taking serious or strong medications (whether you have had a reaction or not); after receiving difficult, scary or invasive medical treatments, either in a physician's office or in the hospital, including vaccinations/shots, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, receiving stitches; dental appointments; after getting a sunburn; after each counseling/therapeutic session; after physical therapy sessions; after a difficult family visit or discussion/argument . . . If you are a parent, you will want to have ETS Plus available for your child for the countless accidents and illnesses he/she goes through, as well as for yourself for getting through the trauma of dealing with all those accidents and illnesses.

  • Shocking personal, local and global news: You've just heard someone you know has died or been killed, another terrorist attack has occurred, war is breaking out, people (especially children) are suffering from famine and starving to death . . . You've just been fired, failed a test, received bad news about a family member or friend, received a call from a bill collector, been told you have a serious illness or disease, been told your spouse wants a divorce, your car has been stolen, you've been robbed, you've just been told you've been exposed to something toxic . . . Also include those times when you experience fear and phobias.

  • Traumas within Traumas: Example: You had an accident or illness for which you took your ETS Plus during the first twenty minutes. The ETS Plus stabilized you well. And now it's a day later or weeks later and you are recuperating from that injury or illness. You wake up one morning and realize that you have taken a step backward in your recuperation process and are feeling ill or pain. Or you suddenly feel awful during the day. Assume you have experienced another trauma that is impacting your injury or illness and take ETS Plus again three or four times within the first twenty minutes of experiencing the new discomfort.
    Another example: We have the same scenario as described above. Only this time you are not near your ETS Plus bottle for hours. If you still experience the new discomfort once you have access to ETS Plus again, consider that your first twenty minutes of the trauma within a trauma begins at that point and take ETS Plus three or four times.

  • Daily Doses of ETS Plus: If your workplace or home are regularly exposed to chemicals, biological agents, cleaners, insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides or radiation, take three or more doses of ETS Plus (10–12 drops) throughout the day, including one dose in the evening before bedtime. You would also take these daily doses any day(s) your area has high levels of air pollution or if you are exposed to water pollution on a regular basis. And if you work in a "sick building" you will also benefit from taking ETS Plus three or more times a day, including at bedtime. Should you experience stress or unusual difficulty in your job or home situation (i.e., a family member is an alcoholic or is taking drugs, or you are taking care of a chronically ill or elderly person . . .), your health and well-being will benefit from several doses of ETS Plus throughout your day, including one dose at bedtime. If you're using essences, by all means continue to do so. However, you may notice that the number of essences needed will decrease.
To use ETS Plus best, it is important to have a bottle within easy reach should a trauma occur. This would include having a bottle in the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, office, each car, bike bag, backpack, gym bag, purse and briefcase. Also include a bottle by the television and phone to use when receiving or hearing bad news.

Important: ETS Plus stabilizes you physically, mentally and emotionally after experiencing an emotional, mental or physical trauma. It does not take the place of needed and qualified medical attention such as having a broken bone set, receiving stitches or taking needed medications. In such cases, you would take your ETS Plus immediately after the trauma, then call for help. ETS Plus can stabilize you and eliminate the complications that occur with an injury or illness from the effects of a trauma, thus allowing any needed medical treatment to be more effective.

ETS Plus is environmental and security-device protected and is not affected by environmental pollution or travel security procedures.

Dosage (for adults): ETS Plus is an oral solution. Take 10–12 drops (one dropperful) 2–4 times within the first 20 minutes of a trauma or as otherwise directed in the "Traumas within Traumas" and "Daily Doses of ETS Plus" sections. Do not dilute ETS Plus. Take it directly from the dropper. Should the dropper touch your mouth or tongue, be sure to wash the dropper well before putting it back in the bottle.

Dosage (for children age 10 and under, and infants): Administer 5–6 drops 2–4 times within the first 20 minutes of a trauma or as otherwise directed in the "Traumas within Traumas" and "Daily Doses of ETS Plus" sections. Do not dilute ETS Plus when administering to children. Give the drops directly from the dropper. Should the dropper touch your child's mouth or tongue, be sure to wash the dropper well before putting it back in the bottle.

ETS Plus for Animals: This is a separate ETS Plus solution (ETS Plus for Animals) that is for the injuries, illnesses and other assorted traumas experienced by any animal—furred, feathered and scaled — including those thunderstorm freak outs and any other time your animal panics or experiences anxiety or fear. Use the guidelines and examples for ETS Plus for Humans (adults) for addressing your animal's needs.ETS Plus for Animals should not be diluted. To avoid contaminating the bottle of ETS Plus for Animals, do not give your animal its dosage directly from the dropper. Instead give the solution to your animal by putting a dose (10–12 drops) in your hand, a spoon, a bowl or a clean plastic syringe. If your animal insists on being enticed, put the 10–12 drops of ETS Plus for Animals on the tiniest amount of irresistible food as possible.

In Conjuction with MAP (Medical Assistance Program): If you are working with Perelandra's MAP and not testing essences after each MAP session, you may assist the integration of your team's work and shorten the period between the session and when the work seats in your body by taking a dose (10–12 drops) of ETS Plus after each session. Should you experience discomfort or fear during a MAP session, take a dose of ETS Plus at that point as well. If you are already using essences during your MAP sessions, you may wish to use ETS Plus instead for any discomfort and/or after the session for integrating the work. In this situation, the essences and ETS Plus are interchangeable. However, using ETS Plus instead of essences will eliminate the need for testing during your MAP sessions. When using the ETS Plus in conjunction with MAP, testing essences after each session is optional. However, if you choose to test essences, do so within 10 hours of the MAP session.

Contents: Perelandra ETS Plus and has been created by nature from a combination of electrical infusions from 153 different plants, minerals, natural gases and elements found in the sea, atmosphere and on land. During the production process, I work with nature to combine the components needed. In the first phase of the process, nature restores each element back to its original state of balance, thus eliminating any damage that has been caused by environmental breakdown and human interference. This allows ETS Plus to be made with balanced and "clean" ingredients. And it enables the elements to release their original balancing properties to ETS Plus when it's taken orally. In the next phase of the production process, the balanced electrical patterns for each of these elements are combined. The somewhat explosive result is a completely new, single, complex electrical pattern that has as its foundation the patterns from all the elements required for the ETS Plus.

ETS Plus electrical patterns are then released to and stabilized in water. The bottled ETS Plus is preserved in brandy or distilled white vinegar. It is natural, and by using only electrical patterns rather than the physical elements from the 153 "ingredients" that create the new electrical patterns, no allergic reactions or side effects are triggered—unless you are allergic to water, vinegar or brandy. In short, Perelandra ETS Plus provides us with a quick, safe and simple way to ensure that our body's systems receive the natural support and strength needed for proper and full function in today's world. (If none of this makes sense to you, just remember that you probably don't understand how your microwave or television works, yet you can use them quite successfully. With ETS Plus, you may not understand how these things are produced, but like the microwave, you can still use them successfully and with excellent results.)

To view the instructional brochure 
with directions, click here

© Copyright Perelandra. 
With kind permission from Perelandra, Centre for Nature Research

Please specify if you want your Solutions with Brandy or Vinegar as a preservative!

weight: 330g

Price: 30.00

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