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Product ID: E-NAT
Perelandra's Natural Aging Solution Water in Brandy or Vinegar 2-oz./59ml
Perelandra's Natural Aging Solution   Water in Brandy or Vinegar 2-oz./59ml


From Machaelle Wright:
So it's 2007 and I'm sitting at home watching the umpteenth commercial on TV for anti-aging creams, liposcutions, push-up bras, Viagra, and the latest rejuvenation schemes, and it started me thinking: What does it mean to not sabotage or interfere with our aging process and actually go through life aging as nature and our souls intended? And then I realized I had no idea how to answer that question. I didn't even know where to begin. We are constantly hit with everyone's opinion about how NOT to age and I saw that there were layers upon layers of questionable information, ideas, schemes and fears hiding what the natural aging process was really all about. As I am wont to do in these kinds of moments, I asked nature for a little help in understanding the concept of natural aging for humans in general and myself in particular. The result: Another solution in a bottle. Yikes. I've been taking Natural Aging daily for three years now and it has led me on an interesting, rewarding and even exciting journey resulting in a wonderful peace of mind that centers around the phenomenon we call aging.

I recently explained Natural Aging to a friend of mine as follows:

. . . Unfortunately there is nothing specific I can say that you can use to measure its effects against. For one thing, Natural Aging impacts everyone differently. It automatically fits into a person's patterns in unique ways. It's this pattern business that might help you see it's effects most clearly and it's your patterns that you'll be measuring Natural Aging against. As we go through life we get to "know" our personal patterns on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. These patterns help define what we expect from ourselves. We "know" what we can do and what is difficult for us to do. We "know" how we think and react. . . And I think you'll agree that it is our assumptions around these patterns that colors how we act and react. Because we "know" these things about ourselves, we actually get into a self-fulfilling and self-limiting cycle where our actions and reactions are faithful to our patterns and our assumptions resulting from those patterns. This fulfills and re-energizes those very patterns and creates a self-fulfilling circle. I found that Natural Aging adjusts those patterns to our benefit and pulls us out of this self-limiting cycle. So I'll be going along in my life and something will pop up and I'll suddenly realize I'm thinking about this thing differently or responding differently or viewing my physical strengths and weaknesses in relationship to this thing differently. It's a rather sudden awareness and I'll feel like I'm being hit out of the blue with that awareness. I credit Natural Aging with these moments because I've not experienced moments like this prior to my taking Natural Aging. It's like a gradual, organic and balanced turn of our inner "gears" in a way that provides a deeper strength and peace of mind which leads to a sudden change in awareness about ourselves. Besides noticing an overall and gentle strengthening / improvement in your health and well-being, I feel certain you'll also experience some of these more obvious "Natural Aging moments."
The information below explains the different aging stages for humans and why it is important for us to allow these stages to develop and unfold naturally.

Within a full life cycle, we experience six aging stages: birth to young child, adolescence, young adult, middle age, post-middle age, and elderly to death. Each stage has specific life lessons and experiences that are activated and expressed through our physical, emotional, mental and soul levels (pems levels). Perelandra's Natural Aging connects us to the developmental and maturation process we move through on our four pems levels for each of these stages. In this way we can embrace the learning opportunities and experiences each stage offers us. And when we move to the next stage, we have a solid, strong foundation upon which to build the new stage.

I wish I could give you specific age ranges for each of these stages but the only sure moments in the aging process that we can all agree on are birth and death. The other age ranges depend on the individual's timing and rhythm during their life process. We can use society's "conventional wisdom" to give us a general idea of each of the age ranges for the six stages. For example: birth to young child: birth to 12 – adolescence: 13 to 18 – young adult: 19 to 29 – middle age: 30 to 49 – post-middle age: 50 to 69 – elderly to death: 70 to death. Now, I'm sure we can all debate the numbers I've listed, but they give us a starting point and general range for each stage.

When personally defining these stages, it is important to step back from society's definition and allow for each person's individuality to complete that definition for himself. I'm sure many of us can point to a six-year-old and say, "That's an old child." And we can point to a few sixty-year-olds and say, "That person never left adolescence." Natural Aging helps us develop our full potential in each of these aging stages so that we can move through life in "age appropriate" ways. This does not mean that eighty-year-olds will suddenly stop skydiving and fifteen-year-olds will stop giving their parents grey hair. It means that if it is within the natural timing and pattern of an eighty-year-old to skydive, Natural Aging will support this on all his pems levels. "Age appropriate" is defined by the soul and Natural Aging assists in moving these impulses through the individual's pems levels so that each stage is fully experienced and creates a firm, strong foundation upon which the person can build the next stage.

A Special Note to Those Experiencing the Post-Middle
and the Elderly-to-Death Aging Stages

Although Perelandra's Natural Aging is helpful for all stages, it is especially important in these two later stages. Natural Aging will not prolong your life because it is not intended to override your soul patterns and rhythms. However, it does improve and deepen your understanding and quality of life and it helps you to see how you can remain connected to your family, friends, community, country and world in practical and rewarding ways. Our society tends to sideline those who are in their later aging stages. But this is unfortunate because it is the time when true wisdom can develop based on the totality of our life experiences and knowledge. After all, it takes seventy years for a person to develop seventy years of experience and understanding. In the first three stages, we simply do not have all the pieces that make up the sum total of experience and understanding in place that we have during our last two stages. In short, a person's life foundation at age seventy looks very different than the foundation he or she had at age thirty.

Natural Aging helps open the door for each stage's unique qualities, experiences and knowledge. This allows the person to both understand and express these important elements through each of the four pems levels, thus moving the individual and those he or she touches further along in their maturation and human potential process.

One Other Point
Although our pems levels — physical, emotional, mental and soul — embraces the opportunities that come our way with each aging stage, Natural Aging does not address specific illnesses or disease that might appear during any of the stages. However, by assisting our pems levels to operate and develop fully in each of the aging stages, the four pems levels are more fully strengthened and stabilized. This results in fewer instances of pems-level breakdown during any of the six stages and we have fewer physical, emotional and mental problems to deal with as we move through life.

10 drops, one time daily, last thing in the evening at bedtime. When taking more than one Perelandra Solution at bedtime, take all the other Solutions as directed first. Then wait two minutes before taking the 10 drops of Natural Aging. It is recommended that Natural Aging not be diluted. Should the dropper come in contact with your mouth, tongue or any other surface, be sure to wash the dropper off before sticking it back in the bottle.


There are approximately 120 doses in a 2-oz. / 59.1ml bottle of Natural Aging Solution. Bottle Math Info

An instructional brochure will be included with each order.

If ordering multiple bottles, please let us know if you would like to receive additional brochures.

View the instructional brochure online, click here.

Produced by Perelandra, Ltd. USA.
© Copyright Perelandra. With kind permission from Perelandra, Centre for Nature Research

Price: 22.00

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