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Product ID: M-921SP
GIFT KIT: 2-bottle Immune & Lymphatic Combo 1/2-oz. Water in Brandy or Vinegar 14ml + Guide
GIFT KIT: 2-bottle Immune & Lymphatic Combo 1/2-oz.   Water in Brandy or Vinegar 14ml + Guide
You know someone who could benefit form some good health support?

The two small 1/2-oz. (14.8ml) bottles of the Perlandra Immune & Lymphatic 2-bottle combo will definitely be a great gift for them to get them started by supporting their body's main systems. 

Whatever the issue, start with the Immune and Lymphatic Systems Balancing Solutions. Then add the Solutions needed for any systems involved in a particular health issue. "Once the Immune and the Lymphatic system work, half the health battles are won", I remember a health expert saying.

In the discounted price we also enclose a printed Guide for the MBP Solutions – usually each small bottle is £8.50.

weight: 150g

Price: 18.00

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