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Rhythmical Dosage Suggestion

To maintain immune vigor, another dosage suggestion by Paul Stamets* for the medicinal mushroom products is a rhythmical approach, to ‘massage’ and support your body’s immune function:

  1. One week take a ‘simple’ mushroom, like Turkey Tail or Lion's Mane – whichever one is the most suitable for your condition or tests positive.

  2. Next week take a more complex mixture, like Stamets7®, which is a blend of seven potent mushroom species. Or take a combination of some relevant individual mushrooms from our range.

  3. Then take the most complex mixture for one week: MyCommunity™. This is a blend of 17 potent mushroom species.

  4. Take no mushroom products for one week. Let your immune system do the work.

Repeat this four-weekly rhythm again and again until you want to stop.


* Paul Stamets, founder and president ot Fungi Perfecti, has been a dedicated mycologist for over 40 years. He is advocate of medicinal mushrooms and author.


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