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AQUA-VORTEX™ Liquid Energizer
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AQUA-VORTEX™ Liquid Energizer

with the

Liquid Energizer

 Stainless Steel AQUA-VORTEX™ in Funnel with glass of Water looking very bright.







SPECIAL NOTE by Martin Kutternik  ( 21.2.2015)

After 22 successful years of selling thousands of the amazing AQUA-VORTEX™ Liquid Energizer – with ongoing wonderful customer feedback, sold mainly through word-of-mouth advertising and no complaint about the product or our service – we have reached a new market: we have come to the attention of British Trading Standards.
We have been advised by Trading Standards (TS) that we need to withdraw all our claims about the AQUA-VORTEX from our website by Monday 23rd of February 2015, unless the claims are scientifically substantiated by an independent laboratory.
Currently, the UKAS Analyst who looked at the AQUA-VORTEX (AV) on behalf of TS has said that any possible perceived effects or benefits by the customer are placebo. (Great, just shows how powerful your mind is! Use it more!)

In the original product description, I  have reported my own, as well as customers' benefits and observations from using this product. For example, when I wrote Reduces Lime Scale I did so because I noticed that it did just that in my kettle at home where I lived at the time – and customers reported similarly. This however is not acceptable to Trading Standards. This claim is an unsubstantiated claim in their eyes.
We do not know what other statements are causing them concern, as we have not been given access to the UKAS report. I can well imagine, having a science background myself, that the whole product and its concepts are a challenge to their world view – I really can not blame them, as I too am again and again surprised that it actually does what it does.  
UKAS is, as far as I know, not renowned for life force quantification, kinesiology testing, dowsing, measuring subtle energies and the like, which are needed for pioneering products like this. Nor do they seem to factor in our own human ability to notice subtle energy and taste differences. This predicament is summed up by Goethe very concisely – click here to read more on that.

Facing this unexpected turn of events, it is obvious, to have scientific plant growth comparisons with regular tap water and AQUA-VORTEX water, done at an independent laboratory, will be well above the budgets of our company.
So we are deleting all 'unsubstantiated claims' to satisfy the Trading Standard Officers.
However, we are going further: We are encouraging you to really 
trust your own inner voice and your own senses! It is quite right, lying, on a global organised scale as much as by individuals and organisations is a reality. Any claim, made by anybody may be true or false. People need to be able to convince themselves. The more you can trust and decide for yourself the better. The AUQA-VORTEX is the perfect product to do just that: Don't hand your autority blindly over to others. And we want to support and encourage that process of learning to trust yourself full heartedly! That one can determine an inner "yes' and an inner "no" to a question is one of the most important skills in life I feel. 

So, empty your mind and ask yourself the question: "Can the AQUA-VORTEX and the water it produces support me in my balance, evolution and well being?"  (You may of course also kinesiology test or dowse that question, or use whatever methodology you use to obtain your inner Yes/No answer. And repeat the question/test with the Gold 

If you get an inner "Yes" you might want to consider ordering one here now, experimenting with it and, if you like it, keep it. If you don't, use your rights as a consumer, and return it with our 30 Days No Risk Guarantee for a full refund.

If however you get a "No", the AQUA-VORTEX, at this point, it is not for you. Don't waste time and energy reading more about it or purchasing one. Hold the question of what will help you and follow your nose and see where life leads you. Move on to something you get an inner "Yes" for. I encourage you to trust yourself with that process that you will find the right 'tool' for your water and your life.

Once you ordered and received your AQUA-VORTEX through the post, you will of course want to try it. But don't try it just with water. Water is 'neutral' to our system and it may be more difficult for you to detect subtle nuances. Try it with something that contains acidity, like wine, fruit juice or even coconut water!!
See if you can notice a difference in how it feels in your subtle energy system and if you detect a change in flavour? Also, observe if you have more longing for water, or if you enjoy more energy after drinking that AQUA-VORTEX water for a while?

As said above, if after experimenting with it for a while you are happy with it, please keep it and enjoy using it. Should you however for any reason not be happy with it please, return it within 30 days
for a refund as is your full right as a consumer – no questions asked.

I recon this new way of presenting the AQUA-VORTEX honours your own inner experience and ultimately gives you more power. And that is a good thing! So maybe I should send the hard working people at Trading Standards some chocolates as they triggered a really good step forward for all of us. Ultimately PANOSUN exists to empower people.
Yet I think we better not send those chocolates, as it might well be construed as bribery and that might land us in even deeper waters, full of vortexes... ;-) 


schematic diagram

Diagram: Spiral sitting in the narrow apart of the funnel.

AQUA-VORTEX™ – tap into living water

True, healthy spring water has a positive and uplifting effect on humans, animals and plants. This fact has been recognised and utilised by many civilizations and acknowledged by all experts in the field of living water. Water is a living organism, whose vital energy is lost by bottling, compression and storage in pipes.

The AQUA-VORTEX™ is a small, simple, yet powerful device, which may help you to re-energize water and drinks. It does this purely by harnessing natural laws.

The AQUA-VORTEX™ is a special, vortex-shaped, food-grade stainless steel specially calibrated spiral
It is patented and has been developed in Germany over 30 years ago.
It has now been established in the UK for more than two decades! Read some customer feedback

1 hour interview about the AQUA-VORTEX™
– click on this link to listen to it


Using AQUA-VORTEX™ is simple:  

Slip the device into the neck of the funnel (supplied separately) and pour the water through it. The AQUA-VORTEX water is ready to drink straight away. Liquids only need to be put through the AQUA-VORTEX once. We reccommend that the process is repeated if the liquid is stored for longer than two to three days, depending on storage conditions; dark and cool is best.

The improvement and re-activation is readily discerned by most people; the taste is better. The body seems to absorb this enlivened water more easily.  Drinking true spring water, people have reported having increased desire to drink water and enjoying more vitality. What do you find when you drink AQUA-VORTEX water?

Please note: AQUA-VORTEX™ is not a water-filter but designed to energize water. You may wish to filter your tap water before activating it with AQUA-VORTEX™.

AQUA-VORTEX is a truly remarkable device -
Enjoy the living water you create!

 Read AQUA-VORTEX™  Customer Feedback

WATER = a holistic, living organism

Water makes up almost 80% of the human body. It can also be described as a living organism in itself (the blood of the Earth), whose life-force is shown to be depleted through the process of bottling, compression and storage in domestic pipes.

The Austrian Naturalist Johann Grander investigated the difference between 'living water' and ordinary, 'damaged water'. He discovered that "living matter always seeks the vibration it lacks": so, water that is low in energy and vibration will actually deplete rather than nourish our systems. He also stated that water with a low "Zeta Potential" cannot easily transport nutrients to the body's cells, thus causing the whole system to become clogged. Living water possesses a high Zeta Potential and promotes a more efficient and healthier metabolism. 

The stainless steel AQUA-VORTEX™ Liquid Energizer Spiral


For optimum health, it is recommended that one should drink about 2.5 litres of water each day. Just taste and feel the difference when you experience a glass of energized 'living water'; allow it to detoxify your system and give you extra energy! When you notice the difference you may want to drink more! Even babies and children may gulp down living water because they feel how good it is for them.

The AQUA-VORTEX™ aims to transform your tap, filtered and bottled-water into biologically active living water, invigorating to drink and beneficial to the body's metabolism. Fresh, good quality spring water does not need energizing as it will be alive for a few days.

The water does not have to 'swirl' or make a vortex in the funnel to be energized by AQUA-VORTEX™. For more information on how the AQUA-VORTEX™ Liquid Energizer may work see the study paper "The Inner Workings of Spirals".


You may find that the polarisation reaches its peak about 3 minutes after pouring and lasts for about 3 days. How long exactly is depending on storage condition: a bit like high quality oil goes rancid in heat and light, so does energized water loose its energy quicker if stored in light and heat. We recommend to use a couple of jugs to have water available. When one is empty you have more ready to use and refill the empty one, to be used within a day or two.


The German Scientists Wolfram and Theodor Schwenk demonstrated the differences between living and dead water through their drop-picture method. The crystal particles in 'living water' form into rhythmic spiral or vortex patterns (implosion), normally associated with life and growth. In damaged water the drop-pictures show linear configurations indicating 'lifeless' conditions.

 Living water

Damaged water

Spiral formations

Line formations

WINES – release the flavour!

The transformation properties of the AQUA-VORTEX™ appear even more obvious in wines and other acidity containing drinks: the
flavour seems less acidic tasting, potentuially leaving a smoother drink with an enhanced, fuller flavour.
Peter Gardener, a satisfied AQUA-VORTEX™ customer reported: "the way it improves a mediocre wine has got to be tasted to be believed." Try it for yourself and see what you find!



All water based liquids can be used with the AQUA-VORTEX™: tea, coffee, milk, oat-, almond and rice milk, beer, mineral water, fruit juice, coconut water, spirits, even fizzy drinks may improve.
Before you make a pot of tea or coffee, pour the cold water through the funnel – after filtering, if preferred – and see if you experience a fuller flavour and an enriched aroma? There really is no limit to what water based liquid can be used with AQUA-VORTEX™.


If you live in a hard water area you are likely to experience lime scale depositsinside your kettle and aother devices.

See if you exclusevily use AQUA-VORTEX water in your kettle, if that softens and reduces the build up of lime scale over time (weeks). Some people find ways to safely put the AQUA-VORTEX into the hoses leading to shower heads and even washing-machines and dishwashers to feed AQUA-VORTEX water to those devices too.



Try the AQUA-VORTEX water on your plants, both indoor and outdoor, to see if their growth, flowering and fuiting pattern is improved, reduced or the same. Experiment with cut flowers – do they last longer? (Change all water after two days for that experiment.)  Try AQUA-VORTEX with your pets: As a simple test, have two bowls of water, one 'vortexed' and one 'standard'; which one does your cat or dog preferr when freshly put there?
If you make cheese try a batch with milk that has been poured through the AQUA-VORTEX. Does it mature faster? Does it develop a more distinct or enhanced flavour? 


Your AQUA-VORTEX™ energizer needs virtually no maintenance. It does not wear out.

The AQUA-VORTEX™ is made of food-grade stainless steel and will not rust.
If the AQUA-VORTEX™ is used with liquids other than water, it should be cleaned after use by running some hot water through it. It should be sterilised by boiling in hot water or washing in the dishwasher regularly. Should it be required, de-scale it by soaking in vinegar for some hours. Should it look grubby even after cleaning attempts (not likely), please replace for reasons of hygiene.

About the Funnel:
You'll need a Funnel for the AQUA-VORTEX™ and the GoldAQUA-VORTEX Plus™. 



– 'THE INNER WORKINGS OF SPIRALS' – a co-created study paper by wholistic researcher and explorer Martin Kutternik. This paper aims to give a deeper understanding on the workings of spiral devices. The content is an eye-opener and food for thought – after you read this paper you will see spiral technology and spiral devices with 'new eyes'. You can read a free excerpt from 'The Inner Workings of Spirals' and order the complete paper here
4 pages, published by PANOSUN Ltd.
– for our recommended Book List click here


Price: £14.95

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