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AQUA-VORTEX™ Liquid Energizer
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AQUA-VORTEX™ Liquid Energizer


with the

Liquid Energizer

 Stainless Steel AQUA-VORTEX™ in Funnel with glass of Water looking very bright.










schematic diagram

Diagram: Spiral sitting in the narrow apart of the funnel.


AQUA-VORTEX™ – tap into living water

True, healthy spring water has a positive and uplifting effect on humans, animals and plants. This fact has been recognised and utilised by many civilizations and acknowledged by all experts in the field of water. Water is a living organism, whose vital energy is lost by bottling, compression and storage in pipes.

The AQUA-VORTEX™ is a small, simple, yet powerful device, which re-energizes water and other drinks. It does this purely by harnessing natural laws. The energized effect lasts for days – more details below.

Harness the Laws of Nature: 

• Makes Water Healthier

• Energizes Water and all Drinks

• Improves Vitality and Taste

• Does Not Wear Out and Lasts a Lifetime

The AQUA-VORTEX™ is a special, vortex-shaped, food-grade stainless steel energizing spiral.
It is patented and has been developed in Germany.
It has now been established in the UK for more than twenty years! Read some customer feedback

1 hour interview about the AQUA-VORTEX™
– click on this link to listen to it


Using AQUA-VORTEX™ is simple:  

Slip the device into the neck of the funnel (supplied separately) and pour the water through it. The water is now healthier, energized and ready to drink. Liquids only need to be put through the AQUA-VORTEX once in order to be revitalised.

The improvement and re-activation is readily discerned by most people; the taste is better. The body absorbs this enlivened water more easily. Many people have reported reactions associated with drinking true spring water – such as increased thirst and having more vitality.

Please note: AQUA-VORTEX™ is not a water-filter but a water energizer. You may wish to filter your tap water before activating it with AQUA-VORTEX™.

AQUA-VORTEX is a truly remarkable device -
Enjoy the living water it creates!

 Read AQUA-VORTEX™  Customer Feedback

WATER = a holistic, living organism

Water makes up almost 80% of the human body. It can also be described as a living organism in itself (the blood of the Earth), whose life-force is shown to be depleted through the process of bottling, compression and storage in domestic pipes.

The Austrian Naturalist Johann Grander investigated the difference between 'living water' and ordinary, 'damaged water'. He discovered that "living matter always seeks the vibration it lacks": so, water that is low in energy and vibration will actually deplete rather than nourish our systems. He also stated that water with a low "Zeta Potential" cannot easily transport nutrients to the body's cells, thus causing the whole system to become clogged. Living water possesses a high Zeta Potential and promotes a more efficient and healthier metabolism. 

The stainless steel AQUA-VORTEX™ Liquid Energizer Spiral


For optimum health, it is recommended that one should drink about 2.5 litres of water each day. Just taste and feel the difference when you experience a glass of energized 'living water'; allow it to detoxify your system and give you extra energy! When you notice the difference you will want to drink more! Even babies and children gulp down living water because they feel how good it is for them.

The AQUA-VORTEX™ transforms your tap, filtered and bottled-water into biologically active living water, invigorating to drink and beneficial to the body's metabolism. Water, energized and boiled, drunk hot is very soothing; allowed to cool and energized again, it is 'nourishing'. (Boiling helps to clear the 'memory' in water.) Fresh, good quality spring water does not need energizing.

The water does not have to 'swirl' or make a vortex in the funnel to be energized by AQUA-VORTEX™. For more information on how the AQUA-VORTEX™ Liquid Energizer works – see the study paper "The Inner Workings of Spirals".


The polarisation reaches its peak about 3 minutes after pouring and lasts for about 3 days. How long exactly is depending on storage condition: a bit like high quality oil goes rancid in heat and light, so does energized water loose its energy quicker if stored in light and heat. We recommend to use a couple of jugs to have water available. When one is empty you have more ready to use and refill the empty one, to be used within a day or two.


The German Scientists Wolfram and Theodor Schwenk demonstrated the differences between living and dead water through their drop-picture method. The crystal particles in 'living water' form into rhythmic spiral or vortex patterns (implosion), normally associated with life and growth. In damaged water the drop-pictures show linear configurations indicating 'lifeless' conditions.

 Living water

Damaged water

Spiral formations

Line formations


Testing with the Lecher Antenna, a scientific instrument designed to measure these subtle implosion energies that exist at the level of quantum physics (the atomic level), confirm that water treated with the AQUA-VORTEX™ has a radiant and balancing effect on the human organism, and damaged water has a harmful effect.

Experts in muscle-testing (kinesiology), electro-acupuncture and dowsing each confirm the above. When healthy spring-water is tested for its energy state with a pendulum, the pendulum responds with a clockwise spin. Ordinary tap water, on the other hand, precipitates no special biological effect and this is reflected in a left spin of the pendulum.

Scientific tests also show an increase in pH-value of approx 0.1 towards alkaline and an increase in ionisation (redox potential). This is significant as it explains the positive effects also to the scientific community.


WINES – release the flavour!

The transformation properties of the AQUA-VORTEX™ are even more obvious in wines: acidity is reduced, leaving a smoother wine with an enhanced fuller flavour!
Peter Gardener, a satisfied AQUA-VORTEX™ customer confirms: "the way it improves a mediocre wine has got to be tasted to be believed." Try it for yourself and be amazed!



All liquids benefit from AQUA-VORTEX™: tea, coffee, milk, beer, mineral water, spirits, even fizzy drinks improve! Before you make a pot of tea or coffee, pour the cold water through the funnel - after filtering, if preferred – and you will experience a fuller flavour and an enriched aroma. Fruit juice also benefits; there really is no limit to what liquid can be used with AQUA-VORTEX™.


Lime scale deposits are noticeably reduced when using energized water in your kettle and steam-iron; there are very few lime scale deposits. AQUA-VORTEX™ not only reduces the build up of lime scale, but over time will soften and reduce existing scale for more efficient boiling and healthier hot water. Some people find ways to safely put the AQUA-VORTEX™ into the hoses leading to shower heads and even washing-machines and dishwashers. 



Plants, both indoor and outdoor, love energized water; just see how their growth is improved. Even cut flowers last longer in living water! Why not share the benefits of living water with your pets? As a simple test, have two bowls of water, one 'living' and one 'damaged'; you will not be surprised when your cat or dog goes straight for the living water! Cheese made from milk energized with the AQUA-VORTEX™ matures faster and develops a distinct enhanced flavour.


Your AQUA-VORTEX™ energizer needs virtually no maintenance. It does not wear out.

The AQUA-VORTEX™ is made of food-grade stainless steel and will not rust. If the AQUA-VORTEX™ is used with liquids other than water, it should be cleaned after use by running some hot water through it. It should be sterilised by boiling in hot water or washing in the dishwasher regularly. Should it be required, de-scale it by soaking in vinegar for some hours. Should it look grubby even after cleaning attempts (not likely), please replace for reasons of hygiene. 



The test results received from Prof. David Schweitzer: 

Light struckture in living water - bright strucktures showing.


No bright strucktures show in dead water

Which do you prefer to drink

Dead Water? Your body has to use up energy to be able to integrate this water.

Living Water? Gives your body energy; full of life-force and vitality (and better taste). This living water helps to develop and quench a healthy thirst, helps to detoxify your cells and replenishes lost fluid effectively.

The left picture shows the bio-photon Light/Life-Structure given to water activated by the AQUA- VORTEX Liquid Energizer. In comparison, the right picture shows typical normal water (e.g. tap, purified, bottled) ­ dead water, with no life-force.


Prof. David Schweitzer, who made these tests/bio-photon photographs, says:

'As you can see, the water memorized the energetics it went through when passing through the ener izer. It is a water hat is truly activated. There is a much greater bio-photon response than in the normal water. Photons are needed for the photosynthesis (maintaining Life). Just compare with the picture of normal water and you can see it for yourself...'


Good health starts with good water...




'THE INNER WORKINGS OF SPIRALS' – a co-created study paper by Martin Kutternik

'LIVING WATER' – Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy' by Olaf Alexandersson. By studying fish in streams and observing the natural water cycle, the Austrian naturalist Schauberger developed a new understanding of natural energy. Schauberger's solutions to today's basic problems (energy, earth fertility,...) provide an easy but wonderfully informative, fascinating and brilliantly absorbing read. Published by Gateway Books.

'SENSITIVE CHAOS' by Theodor Schwenk, Rudolf Steiner Press. This book has rightly been called the first authentic treatise on the phenomena of Water and Air. Describes the inner workings of Water. Well illustrated and very educating.

'THE HEALING ENERGIES OF WATER' by Charlie Ryrie, published by Gaia Books. This book makes us aware of human's two-way communication with water, appreciating the mysteries, history, science & vital energies of this life-giving substance.

Price: £14.95

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