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Product ID: E-903
2-oz. MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml
2-oz. MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution  Water in Brandy or Vinegar 59ml

From the time when humans joined the planet and became part of its rhythms and movements, there has been a strong connection between the condition of the human body, the condition of a person’s immediate environment and the overall environmental condition of the planet itself. The human body’s systems function best when operating within a balanced environment. We have reached a time in history when the planetary environment has deteriorated to such a degree that the support the environment gives the body systems is inadequate and often detrimental to the body’s ability to do the job it was designed to do. In short, the overall breakdown of the environment is seriously challenging the human body’s ability to function properly throughout its day-to-day operation.

A major concern when addressing a person's ability to maintain general health and balance within a seriously deteriorating environment is the ability of the body's digestive system to efficiently break down complex food to small, useful organic compounds so that the resulting molecules can be assimilated into our body's cells. If this complex, tightly interconnected digestive process is compromised and is unable to function well, the body is not properly fueled and is weakened. Equally important when considering a compromised digestive system is the array of conditions and illnesses that originate from that compromised system ranging from the mildly annoying to chronic conditions and to very serious diseases and illnesses.

Here is a thumbnail description of how our digestive system works: The digestive system consists of an alimentary canal with accessory organs (teeth, tongue, salivary glands, liver, gall bladder, bile ducts and pancreas). The canal begins with the oral cavity (the mouth). Here the teeth break ingested food into small particles while it is softened and partly digested by salivary gland secretions. The tongue aids in mechanical manipulation of the food, and actually flips the food into the pharynx during swallowing. The esophagus moves the food mass along to the stomach by waves of muscular contractions. Here the mass is treated to chemical and mechanical digestion, then passed into the small intestine for more enzymatic and mechanical digestive processes. Small molecular nutrients are extracted, absorbed by lining cells, and transferred to capillaries. Liver-produced bile, stored in the gall bladder, is discharged into the duodenum by bile ducts. Digestive enzymes from the pancreas enter the duodenum as well. The large intestine is mainly concerned with absorption of water, minerals and certain vitamins. The non-nutritive residue of the ingested mass is moved through the rectum and anal canal to the outside. Nutrients absorbed throughout the tract are transported to the liver by the hepatic portal system (system of veins and capillaries conveying most products of digestion from the gut to the liver) for processing and distribution to the body's cells.

The Perelandra MBP DSBS addresses all of the areas, elements and operations listed above. It functions as a comprehensive balancing solution for the full digestive system and its related areas and elements. This would include the all-important balancing of the huge numbers of microbes that reside throughout the digestive system and assist us by breaking down complex nutrients into useful molecules. The MBP DSBS was created by nature to give each of the elements, areas and operations this system affects and the important microbes that function in the body in conjunction with it the additional support they need to function well in today's world. By taking the DSBS, the natural elements normally provided within a balanced environment are released to the digestive system. In turn, the system is balanced and strengthened. This enables it to function more efficiently and comprehensively as it moves food through the digestive process and when this system is compromised or begins to malfunction. It also enables the digestive system to mount a strong defense and resistance against anything that may threaten its balance. One may see this solution as a tonic for balancing and strengthening the digestive system and all its operations.

When living in an environment that is breaking down more every day, it is critical that we maintain optimal health—and this is especially true for our body's digestive system. It is a complex universe—just the mouth alone contains more beneficial microbes than there are people on the planet. Global warming that is currently altering the planet's natural rhythms and causing the migration and introduction of microbes and insects into new areas, the pollution of the world's water supply and the serious breakdown of our air quality are but three major areas of environmental concern when considering the quality of the food and liquids we put into our body, the state of human health in general and the ability of the human body to function properly.

The Perelandra MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution is an oral solution and may be taken by adults—young and old—pregnant women, children and infants. It may also be administered to animals using the same dosage as for adult humans. It is safe and it is natural.

The solution has been created by nature from a combination of electrical infusions from thirty-nine different plants, minerals, natural gases and elements found in the sea, atmosphere and on land. During the production process, when combining these components and creating the solution, nature restores each component back to its original state of balance, thus eliminating any damage that has been caused by environmental breakdown. This enables the elements to release their original balancing properties to the electrical pattern that creates the solution and to the body's full digestive system when the solution is taken orally. In essence, the Digestive System Balancing Solution now provides us with a quick and simple way to ensure that our system receives the natural support needed for proper function in today's world.

We offer the DSBS in a 2-oz./56.8ml dropper bottle, preserved in brandy or vinegar. We estimate that one 2-oz. bottle will last one person taking the proper daily dosage about three to six months.
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NOTE: During times of illness, injury and surgery, you may combine the Perelandra MBP Balancing Solutions with other health treatments—conventional or alternative. They will be compatible. However, if your solutions are preserved in brandy, you should be sure that the brandy is compatible with any of the other medication you are taking. During these times, you may need to switch to the vinegar-preserved MBP Balancing Solutions. For those using the Perelandra tools, we recommend that the Perelandra Essences, MAP and the Microbial Balancing Program be used along with the MBP Solutions during any illness or for any injury. This will provide the necessary individualized treatment needed for full and speedy recovery.

It is important for your body's health to take the solutions daily. This is equally true when traveling to a different environment (beach, mountains, cities, etc.) or to a different country. The Perelandra MBP Balancing Solutions have been created to withstand any adverse effects from airport security x-rays. If you are traveling in an area that you know will have a particularly difficult and strong adverse impact on your body, simply take the Digestive System Balancing, Immune System Balancing, and Lymphatic System Balancing Solutions twice daily two weeks prior to your trip and throughout your time in that area.

See also Frequently Asked Questions to the MBP Balancing Solutions on the PERELANDRA web site.

If you have any questions about this Perelandra MBP Balancing Solution, please contact us.

Produced by Perelandra, Ltd. USA.
© Copyright Perelandra. With kind permission from Perelandra, Centre for Nature Research.

weight: 160g

Price: 24.00

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