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Product ID: B-113
Book: MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program, Third Edition
Book: MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program, Third Edition

Already work with MAP? Remember that your MAP team is there for you to address current issues and concerns. Be sure to keep up with your regular MAP sessions. And if you haven't already done so, now is the time to address the outbreak with your team. Open a session as usual and tell your team you would like to prepare for exposure to _______ [the current outbreak]. (Learn More)

Just hearing about MAP? It's a simple, comprehensive and inexpensive way to shore up and expand your health care.


Help for Our Health, Anytime We Need

This book and the program it introduces is the result of seven years of research and work at Perelandra with nature and the White Brotherhood. MAP (Medical Assistance Program) is easy to use for anyone who feels that his or her present medical support is not enough.

Although not required, it is recommended
that you use
ETS for Humans when
working with MAP.

MAP is a comprehensive medical program that addresses our general health; any specific illness, disease or condition; injuries (serious or small); our mental health; our emotional health; and our overall well-being. It is a program that connects you with the medical unit of the White Brotherhood where we are each "assigned" a team of physicians whose expertise best meets our individual needs. The only things that are required to do this program are the book and your willingness to learn the program. As a program, it couldn't be more simple. With MAP you have high quality medical assistance any time day or night-and it's at no charge.

Why a third edition of MAP? Refinement. But what was refined? Including ETS Plus simplifies the process steps, Emergency MAP, Professional MAP and surrogating MAP for children. The steps for combining the Calibration Process and MAP are refined and clarified. The kinesiology instructions are expanded and improved. And Machaelle has updated how she presents the information and makes it easier to refer to your MAP book when you have a question.

About That White Brotherhood
from Machaelle Wright

I'll freely admit that the name can make one's eyes cross. Over the years, people have written to us questioning the name. They want to make sure this isn't some white supremacist / sexist organization before working with them. Actually, I'm pleased to see people practicing discernment when it comes to stuff like this. So let's address the name first.

The name "White Brotherhood" has been used for this group for centuries. We did not coin the name here at Perelandra. It was coined by those folks on the earth level who first began to work consciously with the group. It is not a name the group chose for itself. It is a name we chose for it. The words "white brotherhood" maintained the intent and integrity of the group, so it has always been acceptable to them.

  • "White" signifies the reflection of all the rays of the light spectrum.
  • "Brotherhood" signifies not only the family of all people but also the family of all life. This is why the work at Perelandra is closely linked with the White Brotherhood, because the group includes nature, as well.

The White Brotherhood has an actual job description. It is a large group of highly evolved souls and intelligences who are dedicated to assisting the evolutionary process of moving universal reality, principles, laws and patterns through all planes and levels of form. They hold the major patterning and rhythms being utilized for the shift we are all currently going through from the Piscean to the Aquarian era.

MAP –  Third Edition
Author: Machaelle Small Wright
Pub Info: Perelandra, Ltd. 2006, 3rd Edition
Number of Pages: 288 pages
Book Type: Quality Paperback

weight: 360g

© Copyright Perelandra.
With kind permission from Perelandra, Centre for Nature Research.

Also available:


  • DVDs: MAP – The Workshop
    This workshop was designed to augment the information included in the book.
  • Audio CDs: MAP Workshop
    NOTE: This is not the same workshop as the one that is offered as a DVD.
Price: 17.00

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